My current home doesn't have a verandah but I'd like it to! A long porch surrounding the entire house. With a porch swing, potted blueberry plants, and a long strong dog laying at my feet. The sweet smell of lrosemary and freshly-turned soil wafting across my yard. The chickens clucking contentedly as they scratch for goodies in the fertile dirt. Knowing we have a full root cellar, trees in the orchard about to drop their bounty, and soup made all from hand-picked harvests bubbling in the crockpot. Heaven.

Please move with me over to my current blog, ... thank you!

House Inspection Today

I've already been to the store and back... getting supplies for our long day. We have the hour drive to the house, the 3 hour inspection of the house plus us taking measurements and inspecting probably more than the inspector does, and the hour drive back. Plus we need to get to the library. Busy day. Taking bottled water and snacks, notebooks, measuring tools, cameras to record in both pics and vids, and a surprise for the Kid to work on in the car when he gets bored. And he will.

We're on our way!

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fullfreezer said...

I hope all went well.