My current home doesn't have a verandah or even a porch but I dream of owning a little farmette again, with a verandah overlooking chickens, goats and gardens. Absolute heaven!

So much to talk about

I have reactivated this blog to be for my personal journey these days ... separate from the one I have for epilepsy ( ), the one I have for survival cooking/living ( ), and those for my writing and publishing.

So this blog will now deal with...
-the global pandemic of covid-19
-my health
-my son's health and circumstances
-gardening, of course
-my writing and publishing
-and whatever else catches my fancy, like if I ever get another farm and raise chickens again ... hope hope hope hope hope!!

Thanks for stopping by.  Stay tuned!

Update for Readers of Vikki's Verandah

I sincerely apologize for being lax about updating this blog.

Weslee had brain surgery for his seizures in May 2013. He struggled to re-learn how to walk and talk again, and has huge gaps in his memory. He dropped to about 110 pounds, but a steady diet of my farm food and our whole goat milk brought him back up.

His seizures were mostly gone until my June 2016 diagnosis of breast cancer. The stress brought his seizures back, in full force, mutated.

My husband was very little help. Being too weak and stressed, I got rid of the goats, chickens, turkeys and quail. I convinced hubby to put the farm on the market, citing the long drive to town for treatments and hospitals as being the main reason.

But during the course of prepping the property for sale (clean and tidy plus repairs), I realized I was still doing 99% of the work.

I just couldn't anymore. I needed a partner, not another child. When the farm sold, we divided the profit, and I moved me and my son from Colorado to Kentucky, where I grew up. I found a good set of epilepsy doctors for Weslee and doctors for my cancer (total of four surgeries thus far), liver, derm and gastro.

We are in a tiny rented townhouse with a small patio that gets about 6-7 hours of sunlight in the Summer. I couldn't have a garden there last year (Weslee had a brain surgery gone wrong, had a stroke, nearly died, and is still struggling) but this year I have lots of tomatoes and other things started.

I have started writing again. Had really missed that. I sell little things here and there, hoping to someday soon buy a couple of acres for my last home.  And Weslee's, as he has regressed and lost so much that he can never live alone.

With the horrible global pandemic of Covid-19 hanging over us, I took stock of my life. I am old. Acknowledged. Moving on... I am tired.  Yeah, would love to sleep more than once a week.  I am falling apart from various health situations. And because I am fat. Not pleasingly plump. Not overweight.  F.A.T.  Maybe some of my other health conditions would fade away if I lost weight, or at least, got healthy.

Today, I change.


It's just me, Hubby of 5 years, and 16 year old Kid.  Three weeks or so ago, my son's epilepsy got worse. Grand mal/tonic clonic seizures increased to about 7-8 a week. He started regressing in maturity. Had to be pulled out of school after a big seizure there scared the teachers silly so no school for the rest of the year.

Finally have our diagnosis tho. PET/CAT/EEG on Mon Dec 3 showed the neurons in the right frontal lobe didn't form correctly in utero, plus he has lesions and a small tumor. Can't do much until seizures are under control so meds were upped, which did help (as shown on yesterday's EEG) but furthered his regression and also probably caused an odd-pattern swelling on his scalp. Decreased 1 med last night and will again tonight then will stop unless seizures come back. Am to keep a close eye on swelling.

SUDEP (sudden death in epilepsy) is a real possibility.

Meanwhile, we're trying to find ways to make more money because his medical bills are mounting. Inpatient hospital stays and surgery are expected next year.

Please keep us in your thoughts.


It's a little bit cool today ... 70's. Would like to really sit out and enjoy it but so much is going on. My kid's seizures are not getting any better so upping the seizure meds is just increasing his aggression. Thankfully we have a doc appt early this week for the aggression, and one later in the week for his epilepsy.

But Hubby has a medical problem. He can't really walk right now, and with my kid's aggression, I can't trust him to help, so it's just me and me alone doing all the chores with the goats, chickens, and dog. And housework, making cheese, checking schoolwork, assigning homeschool-work, and so on and so on and so on ... it's 100% me. ARGH.

So, as much as I'd love to have time for a pause, plan our "make-it-snow" party, smell the autumn air, and relax, it's not possible.