My current home doesn't have a verandah but I'd like it to! A long porch surrounding the entire house. With a porch swing, potted blueberry plants, and a long strong dog laying at my feet. The sweet smell of lrosemary and freshly-turned soil wafting across my yard. The chickens clucking contentedly as they scratch for goodies in the fertile dirt. Knowing we have a full root cellar, trees in the orchard about to drop their bounty, and soup made all from hand-picked harvests bubbling in the crockpot. Heaven.

Please move with me over to my current blog, ... thank you!


Thursday was such a long day with doc appointments and errands in town, so I didn't have time to care for my chicks properly or my soon-to-be-seedlings.

Chicks did fine. I had left plenty of food and water, and had put down fresh paper so they had a nice quiet day of growing and exploring without these human giants peeking at them.

The started peat pellets, however, didn't fare so well. I wasn't there to put the top on or move it off throughout the day, which they need at this point. And after my exhausting Thursday, I really didn't think about it until Friday morning.

So I checked them early Friday. Took off the tops. First thing I notice was the fuzz growing on the peat pellets. Oh, great, mold. Wonder if I need to re-start. Then I noticed green.... a couple of cucumber sprouts and some cabbage sprouts! What? Already! Woohoo! MOUTH IS WATERING!

I kept the tops off the containers and they are starting to look good. If I need to re-seed, I have plenty of time. No problem. Oh, and I also started some greens and radishes.

The chicks look great too! Today we'll re-band everyone, fix the brooder coop in the garage and move the bigger chicks there. Also need to pick up a load of hay. IF we have time, we'll get to work on the new coops for the adults but aren't gonna push it.

We're all tired!

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