My current home doesn't have a verandah but I'd like it to! A long porch surrounding the entire house. With a porch swing, potted blueberry plants, and a long strong dog laying at my feet. The sweet smell of lrosemary and freshly-turned soil wafting across my yard. The chickens clucking contentedly as they scratch for goodies in the fertile dirt. Knowing we have a full root cellar, trees in the orchard about to drop their bounty, and soup made all from hand-picked harvests bubbling in the crockpot. Heaven.

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Rocky Mountain Water, Food Cloning and School Lunches

Unbelievable! Several weeks ago we went to the Colorado Home and Garden Show. We enjoyed ourselves, and signed up for several drawings. A day or two afterwards, we get a call saying we'd won a free water test. From "Rocky Mountain Water", we were told. I said we were moving, and can he call back to arrange a date after we settled in. He called the day we moved. I said call back in a week. He called back in 4 days. We set a time for last week, but that was the day after my kidney stones attacked me, so I called him and asked to reschedule for today, Thursday. He called every couple of days to check on the time, or reschedule the time, or get directions, even though I specifically told him I get lost in a paper bag and he needed to mapquest it.

He calls about 30 minutes before his appointment to get directions. Oh puh-lease. I try to help him, but then he kept changing the subject to had we ever had water treatment, and why did we move out so far, etc. Asked what the results of our water test was when we bought the house. I said we didn't do one. He said they are required by state law. To do a bacteria test on the well. I said no one involved with the real estate transaction mentioned that. That didn't sit well with me. I realized he was using my cell phone minutes that I carefully guard. I helped him with directions, made an excuse and hung up, when I realized we hadn't cleared a path from the driveway (now melting) to the front door. The Kid and I hurried it up. Got a good portion done, so I went back inside for a moment to look up the state law on water inspections for real estate transactions:

Real Estate: If you are buying or selling a property that uses a private well for drinking water, and either party requests a well water test, the testing results need to be received prior to the closing date of the real estate transaction.

Basically, the water test needs to be requested by a person involved in the transaction, and is no way required. I hate being lied to.

Barely done e-mailing Hubby about my encounter about this before this guy (Steve) walks up and pokes his head in the front door, walking in with snow on his shoes while calling out my name. How rude! Then he starts to walk off the entry way carpet before wiping the snow off his shoes. I stopped that. The Kid comes in asking for the code to open the workshop so he can get the snow shovel and as I try to whisper it to the Kid, this Steve follows us. Again, rude.

Brass tacks. (1) He's not with Rocky Mountain Water. He's with Rocky Mountain BOTTLED Water Co. (2) And he's not there to give a free water test for bacteria or contamination. He's there to see if it's hard or soft and to sell a hard water treatment system. (3) When I told him that state law does NOT require water tests, he just kinda nonchalantly gave a non-response. Kinda like he knew that. (4) AND he tried to tell me that we really needed a water softener because it will ruin our pipes, etc. Gave me a list of 20 "benefits" of treated water. Like I care about silky hair, body lotions or have time for "luxurious bubble baths".

I hate being lied to. And mis-led.

Basically I made sure he realized we were not going to be buying a system, and that we thought this was a water test for contamination and quality of our well water. That if we'd known it was just for hard/soft water, we wouldn't have wasted his time or mine. I still have unpacking to do, seeds to prepare for tomorrow, and still can't find my pots and pans! I hate moving.

Anyway, he wasn't happy with that, said perhaps Hubby would like to consider the list of benefits of water filtration benefits that he left with me (like my husband would have different views!), and left in a huff. Hubby later called the company, told them what they did was bad business practice, and they better not contact us again.

= = = =

A friend e-mailed me this link: ... about the quality of our food from cloned animals. So very happy we're getting our goaties and chickens soon. Will be good to know we're getting clean fresh goat milk and chicken eggs. Already have our quail eggs (still averaging 1 every other day from just this one pair of quail!) So sad we have to be concerned with EVERY aspect of our lives possibly poisoning us. Geez.

= = = =

Saw a thing on Good Morning America this morning. About a woman teacher (Mrs. Q) who is blogging anonymously about the school lunches served at her school. She's actually eating them and taking pictures. She's gaining notoriety about her blog ( ). She's even gotten the attention of Jamie Oliver, the British chef who's doing the "Food Revolution" on ABC ... trying to change America's school lunches. Applause!

Now... let's hope this teacher's school doesn't realize who she is. Hey... how about all teachers out there, especially women, start buying lunch in the cafeteria. Take it to your room and close the door. Hide it to take home or eat it ... you don't have to actually eat it, although knowing what your students are eating, and why they act like they do in the afternoon is important. But if women teachers started buying school lunch then it will be harder for this teacher's school to figure out who the blogger is. Let's help her out!

Watched the preview for Jamie Oliver's "Food Revolution" show last Sunday. So glad he's doing what he's doing. Too bad the lunch ladies, particularly Alice (?), dug in their heels and portrayed a righteous indignation. Their meals not good? Too much bread? Why actually cook? Come on... let him at least try! But to be fair, Jamie, your choice of roast chicken and brown rice wouldn't have been eaten by my kid either. Need to introduce some of these things gradually. Remember, kids like it simple: combining lots of ingredients is a no-no for many American elementary kids. Unless it's pizza. Keep it simple.

( I do know something about feeding kids, well, those gluten-free. Check out my Kindle book "Feeding Gluten-Free Kids" at )

Anyway... this school lunch situation has me concerned. My sister's kids eat their breakfast and lunch at school, then come home to take-out or frozen/microwaved every night. Needless to say, they are large and unhealthy. I am going to give this some thought and come up with some suggested healthy low-cost meals for schools to serve. I know, this isn't what this blog is about, or is it? If we can get our kids healthier, then perhaps they think a little better, and get off medication for ADHD and diabetes. Perhaps we can make this next generation self-reliant.

Of course, I'm not a nutritionist (I'm obese but getting healthy off of what I can grow or raise) and definitely not a budget analyst. I'm just a mom on a small budget who has a very healthy kid that actually likes raw spinach and pears, among other things. (For new readers, he also has many food allergies, including nuts, wheat, gluten in general, chemicals and dyes in food, and cow's milk.)

Check back later. Meanwhile, your thoughts?

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