My current home doesn't have a verandah but I'd like it to! A long porch surrounding the entire house. With a porch swing, potted blueberry plants, and a long strong dog laying at my feet. The sweet smell of lrosemary and freshly-turned soil wafting across my yard. The chickens clucking contentedly as they scratch for goodies in the fertile dirt. Knowing we have a full root cellar, trees in the orchard about to drop their bounty, and soup made all from hand-picked harvests bubbling in the crockpot. Heaven.

Please move with me over to my current blog, ... thank you!

Pix of current colors of new home

Bellen, a reader, wondered about how the owners decorated with those odd wall colors, so here's a few pictures that I snapped during the inspection on Jan 26...

Here's the brown bedroom... almost brass-colored. Won't do at all with our bedroom set. Couldn't believe they also painted all the light fixtures, face plates, etc. the same color. Ever heard of tape?

Unfortunately, they did that throughout the entire house. I'm gonna have to find something to strip the paint off, or just buy new face plates.

Ok.. the pix are in no specific order! Here's a pic of the room they used as a schoolroom, and since they kept that wall painted as a blackboard (there's a special paint), then we will too. It has a closet and shelves, but that orange paint is gonna go! The pic doesn't do the color justice. Picture an orange... orange.

I've always hated the feeling/texture of chalk but that would be a good place for the Kid to do math problems or keep track of reading, or etc. We'll see.

Here's the living room. Again, the camera didn't do the colors justice. The walls are mauve, and those vertical stripes are a burnt-purple color. I guess how they decorated makes sense but not for us. I'm repainting a light beige. Will go with our furniture and accessories, plus some paintings we recently acquired.

Actually, we're thinking about using this room as our dining room and sitting area, and the dining room (with the fireplace) as a den. The dining room now den will be painted the same color (that pic is further down). There's a family room downstairs so.... yeah, it should work.

Here's just the ceiling part of the kitchen. Except for a little white on the actual ceiling, the rest of the kitchen is painted that very dark green. It works with the backsplash and the marble countertops, but that dark avocado green makes the entire kitchen seem tiny and cramped. Which it's not. There's an entire wall that is nothing but wall, and it's this color.

This will be the first room I paint. Or at least get started on.

Here's the room in the basement that my Kid wants as his own. They used it as a play room. Yeah, we're gonna be painting it. He wants it to be dark forest-green, but I put a quick stop to that. I'm gonna paint it a very very light green, and give him a small can of forest green that he can add accents with.

This next pic is the inside of the closet that's in that yellow room. Note that the shelves on the right are painted yellow and pink, alternating. Same with the shelves on the left that I couldn't get in the pic. I'm painting the whole closet the same light green that I'll do the room in.

They took most of the curtain rods from the house. Odd thing to take, isn't it?

Here's the half-bath upstairs. Can barely tell the green color here but it's an ever-so-slightly lighter color than the kitchen's dark avocado. That's going to be the same beige as in the living room, dining room (below) and hallway.

At least they left some of the fixtures in this room. They are nice.

Oh poo. Just realized the mirror got my big ole me in the pic. Oh well.

And here's the dining room that we'll use as a den. It's a lighter color of mauve but the picture doesn't do it justice. Again. It goes well with the fireplace, but so could so many other lighter colors!

I took a sample from all sets of my dishes and none of them match this color, so it's going to be painted over with that light beige that will go in the half bath, living room, and hallway. Oh, and kitchen.

Geez. That's a lot of paint. Especially since I'll need some gallons of "kill" to apply on the really dark walls before I can paint my lighter colors.

We still have other things to do, repairs to make to drywall where they ripped things off the walls without a care for us. The half-bath's sink has a pipe that is fixed with electrical tape so Hubby needs to do that. And we still have some "slide-locks" to make the house more "ours". You know?

Can barely contain myself as it's time to get started on getting sand, er, soil, ready to be planted. Since it's mostly sand, it'll take a year or so before we grow as much as we plant, but we can do it. Meanwhile, we're planning on lots of sunflowers because their roots really push down far to aerate the soil. Perhaps once we have the fencing up and the animals to let lose, they can start "earning their keep"!!

I can't seem to get the spacing right on these paragraphs and pictures. One of the downfalls of using blogger (sometimes). Anyway... that's it! Lots of work to do. Now I need to call to arrange for painting help. Any volunteers?!?! JK.


Marcia Moir said...

I'ed love to an excellent anywhere near Klamath Falls OR???
There's only one explaination for the ghastly colors...they were all sister is colorblind and sometimes her
outfits look just like your house!!


Vikki said...

Marcy: We're near Denver, CO. Bummer. Thanks for the offer anyway.

Amazing that you're in Klamath Falls. Not too long ago I was researching a pre-history novel and decided to place it there, in Klamath Falls, because of the rich history there, and the Yurok tribe. Synchronicity, huh?

Yes, I think these people were either color-blind, or thought they were being creative. I think they spent way too much money furnishing the house and painting etc when they should have kept their eye on their budget so they wouldn't have had problems paying the mortgage. But their loss is our major gain.


Bellen said...

Thanks for answering my question about their decorating - explains the wall colors.

Might want to try using OOPS on the face plates, light fixtures, etc. Usually works very well on my mistakes.

Anonymous said...

Wall switch plates are maybe a quarter apiece at lowes/home depot. Switches are maybe fifty cents.

They are not worth the effort to clean - you don't even know what color they are underneath.

Break out the cordless drill, unscrew and toss them.

Switches are easy to replace if the power is off. Just check to make sure that up is on and down is off before you screw everything down.

Vikki said...

Anon: Thanks. If a quick application of paint thinner doesn't work (today), we'll just replace them. Sooo much work. I have 2 helpers coming today to start painting. Hopefully we'll make a dent. V