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My Kid's Thoughts for the movie Ice Age 3

Although my Kid is 13, he loves cartoon movies. He spends a lot of time thinking about plots for the next ones. And even tho Ice Age 3 is more than in the works (looks like it's almost completed!), the Kid wrote a letter and asked that it be sent to the producers so that can make some changes he thought of. Here's an excerpt of the letter we mailed out Monday, December 22 2009:

= = = =

T0: 20th Century Fox Studios
Attn: Director Carlos Saldanha

I have a few ideas for your new Ice Age movie. I think that you should change the name from The Thaw to Past in the Present, because "thaw" is the same as "meltdown", sort of. Also, I think Scrat should finally eat up his acorn, and have a relationship with Scratte (put her in the movie, too). Let them have a family of their own!

Let Peaches get kidnapped by humans. Let human kids help the herd. Let Manny tell his life story about how he met Emily (who I'm calling Manny's first wife), them growing up together, Emily having Pan (who I'm calling Manny's son), and finally, how they died. Let Ellie sing a song or two. Finally, let them get into a spaceship, travel to a wormhole, travel to the Ice Age, and let them get out and have the ship blown to smithereans (sic). Oh, also, I want to see Manny and Ellie tip over a truck by accident when they leavve the museum for the first time.

From: Weslee

= = = =
Ice Age 3 / Cast:

Ray Romano - (Manny)
John Leguizamo - (Sid)
Denis Leary - (Diego)
Simon Pegg - (Buck)
Queen Latifah - (Ellie)

There's more to his letter, including drawings on the back of the hand-written letter. You get the gist. He loves thinking up plots, and even has ideas for the next Dr. Seuss movie (attention Mike Myers and Jim Carey!!!)

= = = =

Hey, actors and other people associated with Ice Age 3! Would you like to write my Kid and give your thoughts about his ideas? He'd love to hear from all of you, especially Queen Latifah (I think he has a crush on you - but don't you dare tell him I wrote this!). E-Mail me and Weslee (the Kid): vikkibooks at yahoo . com . He would love to make movies or video games, and although we can't afford the software and equipment at this time, we hope perhaps next Christmas?!?!


Done! Vikki

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