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Goat Ricotta Cheese for lactose-intolerant

I've been giving this a lot of thought, since I saw that segment about making ricotta cheese from goat milk. It looked really easy. I even found this recipe online ( which gives exact amounts, as opposed to the cooking segment on TV. I can't try it yet because I haven't found a source of whole goats milk, and the recipe doesn't say whether I can use the pasteurized stuff from the whole food store.

Picture above: ricotta cheese and peach tiramisu

The only ingredients are: whole goat's milk, apple cider vinegar (which I plan to make too), butter (I guess I can use goat butter), and baking soda. Three things I can make, and one that I have large stores of.

Anyway, giving it some thought. Hubby's tummy can't handle cow's milk ("lactose intolerant"), but he does very well with goat and sheep-milk products. He can't even drink lactaid (the "lactose-free" cow's milk - ha, yeah, right). But... the goat-brie dishes I made the other day didn't cause him any discomfort at all. This goat milk ricotta keeps turning over in my mind. He hasn't tasted tiramisu in years. Or used cream cheese. Or eaten a cannoli. Or even had stuffed french toast. It's been a very long time since he's eaten lasagna, and never has had mine because I usually stuff a ton of cheese in it.


WHAT IF... couldn't I figure out how to use this goat milk ricotta in place of marscapone cheese (cow) in a tiramisu? And, just otherwise, cook and bake with it?

This recipe is so easy that I could also make 2 or 3 times a week. We would all be eating cheese like nobody's busines! Come on... where is our &(%#$&^% property! We need goaties!
UPDATE 12/16/09: I bought some local goat milk yesterday and whipped this up after house-hunting yesterday. Easy! Delicious! Rich! Lactose-intolerant Hubby loved it. Considering how busy my life is, and how much busier it will be once we have our little homestead... this is the perfect cheese for busy people who want a quick rich cheese that they can rely on. Sorry. No pictures. We ate it too fast.


Kim said...

Thanks for sharing this! Did you use pasteurized or non pasteurized milk?
I have made cream cheese from fresh goat milk before. It's great! But I don't have a source of milk anymore. :-(

Colleen said...

I am also cow's milk intolerant. I can eat sheep, buffalo, and goat with no problems. I am working on the theory that it is not lactose intolerance at all, but the hormones they put in mass produced cows that I am actually intolerant to. Your husband may be able to have buffalo as well. Hope this helps!